Seva is the only project of its kind in Israel. Its objective is to streamline and improve all the services provided for the elderly

For the elderly. The realization that Israel is aging and the elderly population is growing rapidly requires society as a whole to come together and advance solutions for the challenges that this issue raises.

The updated population forecasts by the Central Bureau of Statistics indicate that the proportion of the elderly will grow to 15% of the total population in 2045, of which the population aged 85+, which has a high rate of use of medical and nursing services, is projected to jump to 8.4% of the population.

Seva’s people are working on a number of projects that combine applied concepts and technology solutions for integrating the elderly and service providers and the changing world, internet, and social networks. This workers site is the first budding of a range of ideas in various stages of realization, which, in future, which we hope will change the nature, speed, and quality of the service provided to the elderly in Israel, and of course the patient’s family. At Seva, we are confident that you will get the most from teh site. We will be happy to help with every subject, comment, note, idea for change and addition. 

The new world for the golden years

Seva - current activity

The condition of many elderly people requires close long-term supervision. In most cases, the family chooses to stay with the elderly at home, in the bosom of the family. Many families struggle to handle this ceaseless effort. In most cases, it is difficult to obtain access to information, exercise rights, find advice and direction. The establishment and management of digital platforms provide comprehensive help for the patient’s family.

Promoting nursing and home care in the community. Many studies have found that the critical influence of the quality of care given to the elderly on their longevity and quality of life in their golden years. Dedicated and professional care as much as possible in the family, a rapid response to any nursing or medical need that arises will improve the quality of life of the elderly at many levels, vivaciousness, and a ripe old age.

Develop and create social-patient’s awareness, which will translate into the right balance between the patient’s immediate needs and the strategy for delaying onset of the illness. Social integration in the community and at home in both the early andd more advanced stages of the disease, while emphasizing help for the close family, which is experiencing, among other things, emotional and financial stress caring for the patient.